Madeline Musto was an amazing, bright and kind little girl. When she was diagnosed and so quickly lost to DIPG, an inoperable brain stem tumor, people locally and from across the world who heard Maddie's story reached out to support her family. It was like a herd of elephants coming together as they do in nature, gathering around the member who is hurt or in need. And it was this keen observation that became the start of Maddie's Elephants.

Elephants are now keeping Maddie's memory alive in 30 states, over 100 cities/towns and at least 4 countries!

Each elephant is hand made by a volunteer using donated materials. 100% of the net sale price of each elephant goes to Maddie’s Mark Foundation.

Please consider purchasing an elephant to join the herd and support Maddie's Mark Foundation. You can also follow us on facebook or twitter to stay up-to-date on the travels of the herd and to share your own pictures and stories about your elephant friend’s adventures!

Maddie's Elephants

Each of Maddie's elephants is handcrafted 
by a volunteer in the herd.

Every elephant is special and unique.

Maddie's Elephants are made with love from 
materials and time donated by the herd.